La La Land (2017)


A light-hearted musical about a classic romance. La La Land is quite the feel good movie but not without its emotions. Every good love story has its ups and downs, and the thing that pleased me the most about this modern musical was the non-cliché ending! I was so thrilled that it ended the way it did because I thought it was going to be the typical reunited sweetheart ending.

Ryan Gosling makes this film what it is, with his piano playing and cheeky smile he really pulled this film together for me. Also the story focusing a lot on jazz music brought a great old fashioned twist to the modern romance in this amusing, witty, musical number! However, it is controversial as to whether this film has ruined the jazz genre for a lot of people… I’ve heard many mixed reviews!

Unfortunately I am not an Emma Stone fan so I spent half the film not particularly buying into her role; I was also disappointed (to put it kindly) with her singing and dancing. While I know she is a much loved actress, she’s just not my favourite!

La La Land was nominated for an unbelievable amount of Oscars earlier this year, as I’m sure you heard. One that I knew it would win by miles is the original song. City of Stars is a wonderful song (even with Emma Stone singing in it) and I have seen no end of covers being posted left right and centre online since its release. The lovely thing about La La Land is that it has encouraged a younger audience to watch musicals again, although personally I have watched musicals all my life, I know a lot of people my age are not interested in that kind of thing at all so it’s great to see that change. All in all, La La Land is definitely one to watch!


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