Lion (2017)


It’s safe to say Lion captures the heart of the audience. The story is based on truth, which always makes me feel more attached to a film. Sunny Pawar puts on an incredible performance and his angelic face draws the viewer in from the word go! A touching story about a five year old boy, Saroo, who goes missing in India while looking for work with his brother. The scenery is beautiful throughout and the costume and locations are perfectly authentic.

I particularly loved the parallels when Saroo is older and is reminiscing and remembering his previous life in India. He often pictures his brother and with the use of clever cinematography and editing, the director, Garth Davis, really pulls on the heartstrings!

It is shocking that this is a true story, because we forget that situations like this happen so often around the world. A statement at the end of the film reveals some true facts about these missing children and astoundingly 80,000 children still go missing every year in India alone.

This PG film is family friendly but an emotional topic, Lion is definitely one to watch this awards season. It picked up BAFTAs for Best Adapted Screenplay and Dev Patel won Best Supporting Actor; at the Oscars it was nominated for six but sadly went home empty handed. A truly emotive film with a brilliant lead child actor deserved much more than nominations!


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