Manchester By The Sea (2017)


A faultless exploration into grief; Manchester by the Sea is an outstanding film. It is nominated for seven Oscars and I cannot wait to see which is it rewarded with. Casey Affleck is unbelievable, and under the direction of Kenneth Lonergan he excels himself in every way, alongside his on-screen nephew, Lucas Hedges.

It’s hard not to give away too much about the story because it really is one to watch if you appreciate a heavier subject matter. Each revelation is flawlessly executed while every single detail adds to the character relationships and developments.

One of the best explorations into grief I have ever seen. This is truly one of the greatest films and I hope it gets what it deserves at the Oscars this February… although it is up against the much loved by all, La La Land!

The beautiful cinematography accompanied by the scenery of Manchester creates a picture perfect film in between the emotion packed story. As the film takes place across a long period of time we get to see Manchester in every season. The snow particularly adds to one aspect of the story as the ground is too hard to dig in order to bury anyone.

I’d love to say there is absolutely nothing negative I can say about this film, and to be honest there is not. However, once I found out about Casey Affleck’s allegations against him, I was utterly disappointed because I think he is a brilliant actor. Of course I do not know the truth, but it has changed my opinion of him.

Finally, this deeply emotional film involves a lot of trauma but it is not without its humour. It’s a lovely reminder that even in the darkest times we can all hopefully count on someone close to us to make us smile and even laugh. It’s one of those films you keep thinking about for days afterwards, a spectacular masterpiece of video.


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