Moonlight (2017)


Moonlight is one of those films you keep thinking about days after watching it in the cinema. A touching film about a very real issue African Americans faced in the 80s and 90s and to some extent still today. The film is set in Miami and tells the story of one young boy and his experience growing up as a child, teenager, and his life during adulthood.

One of my favourite things about Moonlight is why the film is called such a name. The description and idea of African American skin appearing blue in the moonlight is told in such a touching way by Juan while he is supporting Little and acting almost as his mentor.

Moonlight won Best Picture at the Academy Awards along with Best Supporting Actor. The acting of the main boy, in all three stages of life, is believable and his character remains the same through the three different actors which is incredible to see. Moonlight is also very worthy of its Best Adapted Screenplay award and it really shows in the production values of the film.

It’s not one to miss and I am very much looking forward to watching it again upon its release. Like I said, it’s a film you cannot stop thinking about.


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