T2: Trainspotting (2017)


T2 Trainspotting has an excellent soundtrack, that’s the first thing that sprung to mind when I thought about writing this review. The songs were appropriate for each scene and complimented the action taking place… plus it includes a song by my favourite band, Wolf Alice.

I had such high hopes going into the cinema for this film because I was a huge fan of the original Trainspotting… and probably watched it (without my mum knowing) when I was a little too young!  The acting was faultless, all of the characters have grown up and changed apart from Simon who, I thought, looked exactly the same! You’ll be pleased to know Spud’s facial expressions are still as hilarious as they were in the first film.

There was a great use of editing and visual effects throughout the film, which really brought the modern day aspect to the forefront. Projecting images in unexpected places such as on the side of a car reminds the viewer how long it has been since the first Trainspotting was released, and how the production values have changed so much since then.

I also have to mention the lighting, because I have not seen or picked up on a talent of lighting in many films, but this one was brilliant. One shot in particular uses a shadow to represent a lost loved one, and the way the light was used created all of the emotion necessary for the scene.

Overall, T2 is a great follow up to Trainspotting, closing the book on the characters with a satisfying ending for all of them. If you enjoyed… or were fascinated by, the first one, then you have to see T2 to find out what happened to the gang!


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